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Click here for important information about Personal Property Tax exemptions. 

Oakland County taxpayers have several excellent resources to turn to. Click here often to learn of special events and services at our office or across the region.

To learn about a new program to help pay your delinquent taxes and save your home,

Oakland County is rebounding from a difficult time when we experienced drops in property values and a mortgage foreclosure crisis. Our office has been working hard to protect property values by demolishing dangerous, abandoned properties, and by preventing mortgage foreclosures.

Our office has also gone to great lengths to prevent property tax foreclosure by offering very flexible, monthly payment plans. Our innovative approach to property tax foreclosure prevention involves:

  • Reaching out immediately and repeatedly to taxpayers with delinquencies to make sure they are aware of the problem and to invite them to participate in a monthly payment plan.
  • Conducting thousands of face-to-face Taxpayer Assistance meetings to understand why people are having difficulty paying, and to help them get on a monthly payment plan that works with their budget.
  • Calling on Lansing to lower the excessive interest that is charged on delinquencies, even if taxpayers are on a payment plan. Treasurer Meisner sponsored legislation to lower the interest rate as a State Representative, but Lansing has ignored bipartisan calls to provide relief through fee fairness.
  • Visiting hundreds of taxpayers in their homes to assist them in setting up payment plans.
We do all of this to fulfill our mission and vision statements: 
Mission: Your Oakland County Treasurer's Office will serve taxpayers, governmental, and private sector partners with respect, professionalism, and a renewed commitment to customer service and innovative problem-solving. 
Vision: Oakland County taxpayers understand and easily access the services and resources of the Treasurer's Office. The Treasurer's Office adapts to new challenges facing taxpayers, including foreclosure, neighborhood stabilization and financial literacy.
Thank you,
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Andrew Meisner
Oakland County Treasurer

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