48th District Court
Oakland County, MichiganCourts48th District Court

48th District Court

The district court handles most traffic violations and traffic tickets, small claims cases, all civil cases with claims up to $25,000, landlord-tenant matters and all misdemeanor criminal cases. The 48th District Court Judges are elected to serve seven communities in the Court's jurisdiction.

  • Traffic Division: Processes traffic citations written by the police departments.
  • Civil Division: Processes cases involving money or damage claims and landlord/tenant disputes.
  • Criminal Division: Processes criminal cases prosecuted by state law, ordinance prosecutors and cases for felony and misdemeanor offenses.
  • Probation Department:  Monitors probationers, conduct pre-sentence investigations, assessments and probation violation hearings.

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Contact ADA Coordinator: nodea@48thdc.us

Hearing Impaired may reserve a headset or a "T" coil ​equipped hearing aid.     

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