Work Share Program

​Faced with Staffing and Payroll Challenges as the State Reopens?

Take Advantage of Michigan’s Innovative Work Share Program

The State of Michigan’s Work Share Program enables employers to better react to customer demand and staffing requirements during these uncertain times, as the state reopens.

This innovative program allows you to reduce the number of hours employees work during a week while unemployment compensation makes up a portion of their lost income: a win-win situation for everyone.

To learn more visit the State of Michigan’s Work Share Program Website.

​Program Benefits

  • Minimizes or eliminates the need for employee layoffs; keeps your skilled workforce intact
  • You can reduce employee hours to reflect decreases in business demand
  • Enables you to avoid the expenses associated with recruiting, hiring and training new employees when business picks back up
  • Can be used for virtually any business or industry
  • Employees still receive partial unemployment payments to offset or replace income losses
  • Employees retain their fringe benefits while participating in the plan
  • Allows you to restart your business easier, as the state reopens


 Work Share Program Information

 Work Share Brochure

Work Share Website