Business Resource Network

Oakland County Business Resource Network
The BRN currently has 19 members and the retention rate of the employees who have received program services is 90%

The Business Resource Network is Free to all Employers

Do Your Employees Need Help? Let us help you help them

Good employees are invaluable and keeping them is a priority. Oakland County Michigan Works! has partnered with the Oakland Livingston Human Service Agency (OLHSA) to offer the Business Resource Network (BRN), which directly addresses employee turnover and disengagement.

The BRN is an employer-led solution with a common interest: employee retention. Our network of businesses have access to a success coach that connects employees with a variety of barrier-busting resources, enabling them to reduce stress, and stay engaged and employed.

Joining the BRN will allow the program success coaches to prioritize employee retention at your company, enabling your Human Resources team to focus on recruiting and filling your company’s open positions. Oakland County is but one of several areas around the state with BRN programs.

How it Works

Company’s employees have access to an assigned OLHSA success coach. She works with employees on an individual basis, connecting them with the services they need. The goal is to keep your employees 
happy and on the job.

The BRN model matches 5-10 businesses with a dedicated success coach who commits several hours each week to visit each employer. The success coach meets with employees individually on a confidential basis. The BRN meets as a group monthly to receive an aggregate report from the success coach, as well as troubleshoot work barriers on a higher level, developing solutions to common problems across the network’s workforce.

Issues Addressed by BRN

  • ​Goal Setting
  • Affordable Child and Dependent Care
  • Public Benefits
  • Affordable Loans
  • Relationship Management
  • Substance Abuse

  • Transportation Concerns
  • Housing/Foreclosure Assistance
  • Hardship Loan and Saving Programs
  • Financial Budgeting and Counseling
  • Workplace Stability
  • Other Related Issues

​The strategies and resources provided by the success coaches in similar programs can increase employee retention to 90 percent or higher,* saving employers $3,500 or more** in training costs per replacement employee.

*ERN-USA 2019
**Six months of training at average wage

 Role of Success Coach

  • Dedicated hours on-site at each employer
  • Helps employees address work/life balance issues at root cause
  • Connects employees to company, public and nonprofit resources
  • Provides financial literacy and other essential training
  • Manages employee issues from start to resolution
  • Resource for HR professionals when addressing attendance and performance issues

 Role of BRN Members

  • Meet as a group on a monthly basis
  • Drive unique barrier-busting strategies, specific to the network
  • Receive and evaluate program data
  • Discuss trending issues and potential gaps
  • Identify potential partners and develop resources to address trends
  • Community partner updates and presentations, if requested

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