On-The-Job Training

​Employers: Hire, Train and Retain Employees to Build Your Skilled Workforce

Partner with Oakland County Michigan Works! to Launch a Structured On-the-Job Training Program On-Job-Training

We assist you with the cost of hiring and training new employees, reimbursing your organization with up to half of a trainee’s wages – up to $5,000, depending on funds available.

The training program is jointly developed with Oakland County Michigan Works!, or you may be able to use an existing plan. Applicants are pre-qualified by us and referred to you for an interview, or you can send candidates to us for eligibility screening. 

You hire on-the-job trainees based on needs of your business. Trainees earn wages and learn specific skills on the job, on your equipment and under your team’s supervision and mentoring. 

Those trainees who successfully complete the program retain permanent employment with your company.

​Follow Our Roadmap to Building an OJT Program

Share: Tell us about your business,
positions and type
of OJT trainees you
are looking to hire                                                       
Create: Work with us to 
develop a customized 
training program,or possibly use
already in place                                                                 
Retain: Upon successful

of the OJT program,
trainees continue full-time
Hire: Select new
hires for OJT training
that best fit with your
existing team and
future plans
Train: On-the-job trainees
earn specific skills needed
to succeed with your
organization; we assist with
50 percent of training wages


  • Year-round operation
  • Low employee turnover
  • Payment of an hourly wage or salary equal to or more than industry labor market wages
  • One or more workers employed

*Some eligibility restrictions apply

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