Virtual Career Workshop Program

Prepare for Your Next Career Opportunity Right from Home

Oakland County Michigan Works!

Oakland County Michigan Works! is ready to provide you with valuable career assistance. We are launching a series of interactive, virtual workshops on multiple dates, led by our trained advisors who will help you prepare for your next career opportunity. Each lasts one hour, including a guided presentation and time for questions.

For your convenience each workshop is held on multiple dates:

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​Available Workshops and Video Recordings

​New - Is a College Degree Right for Me?

Join Career and Education Navigator Cal Talley to explore the benefits of higher education and how Oakland County’s Oakland80 initiative can help you reach your educational attainment goals. Learn how higher education can impact job prospects, personal development and quality of life, as well as resources available to help you start on your path to post-secondary education or training.


Is a College Degree Right for Me? Presentation

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Tips for ESL Job Seekers

The workshop is designed to help the immigrant/refugee community with the job searching process.
Participants will learn:

  • Job searching/job applications
  • Learning about resumes
  • Preparing for a job interview


Tips for ESL Job Seekers Presentation

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Changing Careers: New Opportunities, New Future

  • Examining the process of Career Transitions
  • Exploring new career paths
  • Working with an Oakland County Michigan Works! Career Advisor


 Changing Careers (Video Recording)
 تغيير المجال المهني - Arabic Translation - Changing Careers Presentation
 Changing Careers Presentation

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Gig Jobs: Exploring Non-Traditional Employment Opportunities

  • What is the gig economy?
  • Outlook and trends of the gig economy
  • Is a gig right for you?


 Gig Jobs (Video Recording)
 الوظائف الغير تقليدية - Arabic Translation - Gig Jobs Presentation
 Gig Jobs Presentation

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​The Language of LinkedIn: Using the Popular Career Tool the Right Way

  • General navigation of the platform
  • Job searching and professional branding tips
  • How to optimize your profile to the algorithm


 The Language of LinkedIn (Video Recording)
  لغة لنكدإن - Arabic Translation - Language of LinkedIn Presentation
  The Language of LinkedIn Presentation

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Let's Talk About STRESS!

  • What are the physical and emotional signs of stress?
  • What are the sources of stress in your life?
  • What changes can you make to manage and reduce stress?


 Let's Talk About STRESS! (Video Recording)
 Let's Talk About STRESS! Presentation
 Let's Talk About STRESS! Resources

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Prepping for a Virtual Job Fair

Participants will learn:

  • How to prepare for virtual job fair
  • Presentation is everything
  • How to engage and follow-up


Personal Branding

  • Create a marketing strategy focused on your most important product: you!
  • Steps to building and maintaining a successful personal brand
  • Learn how to craft a compelling networking pitch


 Personal Branding (Video Recording)
 Personal Branding: Presentation

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​Resumes: A Deeper Dive

  • How Technology Impacts Job Searches
  • Importance of Key Words
  • Structuring A Resume to Secure an Interview


 Resumes: A Deeper Dive (Video Recording)
 السيرة الذاتية  - Arabic Translation - Resumes: A Deeper Dive Presentation 
 Resumes: A Deeper Dive Presentation 
 20 Top RESUME Tips

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Resumes and Cover Letters

  • 3 Main Types of Resumes: Chronological, Functional, Combination
  • Resume Etiquette (do’s & don’ts)
  • Key Components of a Cover Letter


 Resume Writing (Video Recording)
 كتابة السيرة الذاتية  - Arabic Translation - Resume Writing Presentation
 Resume Writing Presentation

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Virtual Interviewing: Making a Great Impression

  • Types of interviews and how to prepare for them
  • Best practices for interviewing
  • Researching companies who want to interview you

Your Guide to Conquering the Virtual Work World

Participants will learn:

  • How to prepare for remote assignments
  • The importance of connections
  • Challenges and benefits
  • Best practices; How to optimize your virtual work assignment
  • Dealing with stressors


Your Guide to Conquering the Virtual Work World (Video Recording)

Your Guide to Conquering the Virtual Work World Presentation

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​Retired Workshops

Bring Your “A” Game

  • How to bring your “A” game to the workplace
  • Employers want your best attitude and abilities
  • Soft skills needed to set you apart from the competition
  Bring Your “A” Game (Video Recording)
  Bring Your “A” Game Presentation

Career Vision Board: Showcase your Interest, Skills, and Goals!

  • Get an intro into the function of vision boards
  • Get warmed up with a few creative exercises
  • Gain clarity around what YOU want in your career
  • Create your very own career vision board out of inspiring materials to display at home


 Career Vision Board (Video Recording)
 Career Vision Board: Showcase your Interest, Skills, and Goals! Presentation

​Mid-Life Career Transitions: Switching Careers and Flourishing in Today's Economy

  • Basic Steps of a Career Transition
  • Opportunities available to the older worker
  • Older workers – the stereotypes and the truth


 Mid-Life Career Transitions (Video Recording)
 اهلا بكم في برنامج تغيير المهنة لكبار السن سوف نبدأ العرض بعد قليل - Arabic Translation - Mid-Life Career Transitions
 Mid-Life Career Transitions Presentation

About the Workshops

Space is limited. Registration is encouraged.

The workshops will be recorded so people can view them at a later date at

Easy login instructions for participants in the workshops will be provided upon registration