Virtual Career Workshop Program

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Prepare for Your Next Career Opportunity Right from Home

Oakland County Michigan Works!

Oakland County Michigan Works! is ready to provide you with valuable career assistance. We are launching a series of interactive, virtual workshops on multiple dates, led by our trained advisors who will help you prepare for your next career opportunity. Each lasts one hour, including a guided presentation and time for questions.

For your convenience each workshop is held on multiple dates:

​Available Workshops and Video Recordings

Bring Your “A” Game

  • How to bring your “A” game to the workplace
  • Employers want your best attitude and abilities
  • Soft skills needed to set you apart from the competition
  Bring Your “A” Game (Video Recording)
  Bring Your “A” Game Presentation

Career Vision Board: Showcase your Interest, Skills, and Goals!

  • Get an intro into the function of vision boards
  • Get warmed up with a few creative exercises
  • Gain clarity around what YOU want in your career
  • Create your very own career vision board out of inspiring materials to display at home
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 Career Vision Board (Video Recording)
 Career Vision Board: Showcase your Interest, Skills, and Goals! Presentation

Changing Careers: New Opportunities, New Future

  • Examining the process of Career Transitions
  • Exploring new career paths
  • Working with an Oakland County Michigan Works! Career Advisor
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 Changing Careers (Video Recording)
 تغيير المجال المهني - Arabic Translation - Changing Careers Presentation
 Changing Careers Presentation

Gig Jobs: Exploring Non-Traditional Employment Opportunities

  • What is the gig economy?
  • Outlook and trends of the gig economy
  • Is a gig right for you?
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 Gig Jobs (Video Recording)
 الوظائف الغير تقليدية - Arabic Translation - Gig Jobs Presentation
 Gig Jobs Presentation

​The Language of LinkedIn: Using the Popular Career Tool the Right Way

  • General navigation of the platform
  • Job searching and professional branding tips
  • How to optimize your profile to the algorithm
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 The Language of LinkedIn (Video Recording)
  لغة لنكدإن - Arabic Translation - Language of LinkedIn Presentation
  The Language of LinkedIn Presentation

Let's Talk About STRESS!

  • What are the physical and emotional signs of stress?
  • What are the sources of stress in your life?
  • What changes can you make to manage and reduce stress?
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Let's Talk About STRESS! (Video Recording)
 Let's Talk About STRESS! Presentation

​Mid-Life Career Transitions: Switching Careers and Flourishing in Today's Economy

  • Basic Steps of a Career Transition
  • Opportunities available to the older worker
  • Older workers – the stereotypes and the truth
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 Mid-Life Career Transitions (Video Recording)
 اهلا بكم في برنامج تغيير المهنة لكبار السن سوف نبدأ العرض بعد قليل - Arabic Translation - Mid-Life Career Transitions
 Mid-Life Career Transitions Presentation

New - Landing Your Next Job: Presenting a Professional Image

  • Appearance
  • Communication
  • Performance
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Personal Branding

  • Create a marketing strategy focused on your most important product: you!
  • Steps to building and maintaining a successful personal brand
  • Learn how to craft a compelling networking pitch
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 Personal Branding (Video Recording)
 Personal Branding: Presentation

​Resumes: A Deeper Dive

  • How Technology Impacts Job Searches
  • Importance of Key Words
  • Structuring A Resume to Secure an Interview
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 Resumes: A Deeper Dive (Video Recording)
 السيرة الذاتية  - Arabic Translation - Resumes: A Deeper Dive Presentation 
 Resumes: A Deeper Dive Presentation 

​Resume Writing: Introduction to Resumes and Cover Letters

  • 3 Main Types of Resumes: Chronological, Functional, Combination
  • Resume Etiquette (do’s & don’ts)
  • Key Components of a Cover Letter
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 Resume Writing (Video Recording)
 كتابة السيرة الذاتية  - Arabic Translation - Resume Writing Presentation
 Resume Writing Presentation

Virtual Interviewing: Making a Great Impression

  • Types of interviews and how to prepare for them
  • Best practices for interviewing
  • Researching companies who want to interview you
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About the Workshops

Space is limited. Registration is encouraged.

The workshops will be recorded so people can view them at a later date at

Easy login instructions for participants in the workshops will be provided upon registration