Financial Coaching

Financial Coaching from Oakland County Michigan Works! and OLHSA

Oakland County Residents: Are You Struggling Financially During the Covid-19 Crisis?

Free Financial Coaching is now available!

Financial Wellness Assessment

Concerned about your financial health during these uncertain times? You are not alone. More than 1.7 million Michigan residents have filed for unemployment in recent months and financial instability is growing.

Oakland County Michigan Works!, in partnership with the Oakland Livingston Human Service Agency, has financial coaches available to help you via confidential, one-on-one counseling.

  • Financial Wellness Assessment
  • Identification of Budget Goals and Solutions
  • Action Plan Development
  • Ongoing Communication to Monitor Progress

The financial coaches will develop a client-customized program for each participant. Their individual needs will determine how long they will work with their coach and how often they will meet. Each person will have at least two appointments with a financial coach. Participants will be provided with budget guides, activity sheets and expense tracking tools. Participants may be asked to complete budgeting-related exercises between meetings to help them reach their goals.

Need Some Extra Guidance? 
Financial Coaching Workshops

Oakland County is offering a series of online, virtual workshops through Oakland County Michigan Works!, to help residents address financial health and wellness concerns they may have during these uncertain times.

Participate in an Online Financial Workshop

To help assure the safety of participants and coaches, only telephone appointments are taking place at this time. But other options, including individual and group online meetings, will be explored.

In addition, the financial coaches can provide referrals to additional county and community resources.

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