Public Notices


The Oakland County Michigan Works! Agency (MWA) is one of 16 geographic areas that the Michigan Department of Labor and Economic Opportunity (LEO), Workforce Development (WD) funds to provide workforce development services for adults, job seekers, incumbent workers, employers, and disadvantaged youth.  Under the joint purview of the Oakland County Workforce Development Board (WDB) and the Oakland County Executive David Coulter, the Oakland County MWA’s programs are administered by the Oakland County Workforce Development Division, and they are currently operated by six Michigan Works! (One-Stop) Service Centers and three specialized service providers, with which the WDB and the Chief Elected Official contract.

The MWA requests proposals from entities that seek to operate an Oakland County Michigan Works! (One-Stop operator) service center under the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) and/or to deliver one or more of the following programs:

  • WIOA programs for adults, dislocated workers, incumbent workers, disadvantaged youth, and employers;
  • Employment Services (ES) funded by the Wagner-Peyser Act, as amended by Title III of the WIOA;
  • Trade Adjustment Assistance (TAA) Programs; 
  • State Apprenticeship Expansion (SAE) Programs, including Building State Apprenticeship Innovation (BSCAI) and Youth Apprenticeship Readiness Grant (YARG);
  • The Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) Act’s Partnership. Accountability. Training. Hope. (PATH) Program;
  • The Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) Refugee Program;
  • Food Assistance Employment and Training (FAE&T) Programs;
  • Specialized and Innovative Education and Training Support Services; and
  • Related programs and services that may be created or expanded by the federal government and/or by the State of Michigan and/or by the County of Oakland, between July 1, 2022, and September 30, 2026, or beyond.

The Request for Proposals (RFP) from entities who seek to be a WIOA One-Stop Operator, and/or a specialized service provider for one or more of the foregoing programs, will be available for distribution beginning on Monday, May 2, 2022, at 10:00 a.m., Eastern Daylight Saving Time.

To request a copy of the RFP, its corresponding Proposal Response Package (PRP), and attachments, interested parties must e-mail the following information to and

  • the title of the RFP and corresponding PRP. Choose from the options below. 
    • 1. “Oakland County WIOA One-Stop Operator Service Centers”; or
    • 2. “Oakland County Specialized Service Providers”.
  • the interested party’s name and full address; and
  • the name, e-mail address, and telephone number of the interested party’s contact person.

The foregoing information may also be submitted to the following physical:

The Oakland County Workforce Development Division
        Attention: Debbie Lake
2100 Pontiac Lake Road
Waterford, Michigan 48328

Interested parties are solely responsible for ensuring that they have received the entire RFP, PRP, and attachments.

Completed proposals must be submitted electronically to and by 4:00 p.m. (Eastern Daylight Saving Time) Friday, June 3, 2022.  The subject line of the electronic submission must state: “Oakland County MWA WIOA One-Stop Operator/Specialized Service Provider RFP Response.”

Auxiliary aids and services are available upon request for individuals with disabilities.  In accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act, the information in this notice will be made available in alternate format (e.g., large type, audiotape, etc.) upon request to the foregoing office.  Oakland County’s Telephone Number for the Deaf and Deafened is (248) 858-5511.

The MWA encourages, whenever possible, the utilization of small businesses, minority-owned firms, women’s business enterprises, and labor surplus area firms.

To streamline the distribution of future solicitations, Oakland County Michigan Works is updating the email addresses of its bidder’s list. To remain on the list and receive future emails, please send your contact information, including your email address, to  with the subject line title: “Oakland County Michigan Works Bidders List.”

An Equal Opportunity Employer/Program
Auxiliary Aids and Services are Available Upon Request to Individuals with Disabilities
Oakland County’s Telephone Number for Individuals who are deaf is (248) 858-5511
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