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Royal Oak Township Drinking Water Quality

We are pleased to report that your drinking water is safe and meets Federal and State requirements. For more information about Royal Oak Township Water Quality view the Royal Oak Township Annual Water Quality Report. This report is compiled from data received from water treatment plant sampling and local distribution bacteriological, disinfection byproduct and lead & copper sampling. Many contaminants are analyzed but are not listed in the report if not detected.

Additional information about water usage and system maintenance can be found in our Customer Materials library.

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 Lead and Your Drinking Water

In June of 2018, the Michigan Safe Drinking Water Act revised drinking water sampling requirements to better detect possible lead in drinking water. These changes require all communities with lead service lines and older housing stock to perform more-rigorous water sampling than has been done in the past, including increasing the number of sampling locations and the samples taken from each location.  

During the 2020 monitoring period, the Township of Royal Oak's water service provider collected samples from 10 properties. Of these 10 properties, two were found to have 90th percentile lead concentration levels above the 15ppb (parts per billion) action level established by the Michigan Safe Drinking Water Act. This action level is not a health-based standard, but rather a level that triggers the need for additional actions, such as increased sampling.  

In 2021, WRC completed two six month rounds of lead sampling. 24 samples were collected from the first round and 26 were collected from the second round. 90th percentile lead concentration levels were below the 15ppb action level for both rounds of sampling. WRC will continue sampling annually for lead and copper. 

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If you have questions about your water please direct them to your water service provider. If you are unsure about who your water service provider is please refer to the service area map or your water bill.

  • If your water bill comes from the Ferndale Department of Public Works, please call them with questions at 248-546-2519.
  • If your water bill comes from the WRC, please call us at 248-452-9158. Leave your name, address and phone number on the voice mail and we will research your question and call back within one business day.

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