Oxford Twp

WRC and the Oxford Township Water and Sewer Committee wish to thank all of the Oxford Township water customers who complied with the restrictions placed on outdoor watering during the summer months. “Whenever there’s a problem or a need, the people of this township never fail to step up to the challenge and pull together,” said Township Trustee Jack Curtis. “By and large, Oxford residents are logical and selfless folks who care about others and their community. We asked them to make a small sacrifice in order to help keep the township safe and they immediately got on board. Thank you to everyone who complied with the outdoor watering restrictions. I’m proud of you and our township.”

Oxford Township Drinking Water Quality

​​​We are pleased to report that your drinking water is safe and meets Federal and State requirements. For more information about Oxford Township Water Quality view theOxford Township Annual Water Quality Report. This report is compiled from data received from bacteriological and other water quality sampling collected by WRC staff. Many contaminants are analyzed but are not listed in the report if not detected.

Additional information about water usage and system maintenance can be found in our Customer Materials library.

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