Water Maintenance & Engineering

WRC Water System Engineering and Maintenance Staff work closely with Oakland County Cities, Villages and Townships (CVTs) to operate and maintain drinking water systems, adhere to system budgets, provide oversight of system compliance and regulatory reporting. The engineering and maintenance staff work in collaboration with local water and public works departments, regulatory agencies, and other WRC staff to provide exceptional water service to 65,000 customers connected to the 22 water systems and maintain 1,312 miles of water main, 15,000 water distribution valves, and over 14,000 fire hydrants. 

 What We Do

The major responsibilities of this group include:
  • Fire hydrant pumping and inspection
  • Fire hydrant repair and replacement
  • Water system design
  • Water main rehabilitation and repair 
  • Water distribution valve inspection
  • Water distribution valve repair and replacement 
  • Water service tap installation
  • Water shut offs and water turn-ons
  • Water pressure and flow testing 

24-Hour Water and Sewer Emergency Line: 248-624-6366