Current Drinking Water Notifications

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Oxford Township 

The Oakland County Water Resources Commissioner's Office (WRC), in coordination with the Oxford Township Water and Sewer Committee, has issued a mandatory watering schedule for Oxford Township. Restrictions are effective June 30, 2020. Odd numbered homes are allowed to only water their lawn on odd numbered calendar days and even numbered homes are allowed to only water their lawn on even numbered calendar days. 

The increased water use in the morning has put a significant strain on the water supply. It is critical that we maintain adequate stored water for firefighting purposes. Current morning sprinkling demands are making this difficult. Backup wells that do not have iron removal are very close to being needed. There will be water discoloration if we need to run the backup wells. The water is safe from the wells, but it will be discolored.

Michigan State University recommends light, frequent irrigation applied in the early afternoon. 

Please run your sprinklers to follow odd/even watering schedules.  For more details, see the attached letter