WRC Water Affordability

closeup-diverse-people-joining-their-hands.jpgAffordability and Planning Grant Project

The WRC was awarded a grant from the State of Michigan's Environment, Great Lakes, and Energy Department to study and create long-term and sustainable water affordability solutions. As a result of this project the WRC will implement affordability plans for both the City of Pontiac and the Township of Royal Oak. A final report is due in September of 2022. 

It is our goal for water suppliers and municipalities across the nation to find this report helpful in creating their own affordability plans.

In collaboration with various stakeholders throughout the State of Michigan and other water experts across the country, the WRC project team dedicated to this grant effort is continuously incorporating the valuable feedback they receive and discover.

Our partners include a Coalition of Community Leaders in Pontiac and Royal Oak Township, elected officials at Oakland County and within Oakland County communities, The Water Center at Penn, the State of Michigan including state officials and legislators and our WRC water customers. We would also like to recognize the many water service providers and municipalities we have spoken with, both regionally and nationally, for contributing their own insight and resourcefulness.

 How You Can Help

We want input from community members to find solutions and develop a program that would make a difference for our customers. We need help from WRC customers to participate in our focus interviews.

Participants must:
  • Be a resident of either Pontiac or Royal Oak Township 
  • Be the person who pays the water bill for your household
  • Have experienced the inability to pay a water bill in the past, or may have difficultly paying a water bill in the future

  About the Interview

  • The interview process will begin in February 2022
  • Each interview will be conducted by an independent third party and will be kept confidential
  • The interview will be held by telephone or video meeting and are expected to last one hour. 
  • During the interview you will discuss  water bills, current assistance programs, and a potential new assistance program.
  • As a thank you, participants will receive a $75 Visa gift card


​For more information about the focus interviews, please contact Julia Ruffin, WRC Community Liasion, at (248) 791-4367 or ruffinj@oakgov.com

For more information about the project in general, please contact  wrcgrant@oakgov.com

Viewour flier for more information.
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