Septage Receiving

All septage haulers must be licensed under Great Lakes Water Authority (GLWA) and the Michigan Department of Environment, Great Lakes, and Energy (EGLE) to use our septage unloading sites.

WRC Septage Unloading Site Information:

​The Oakland County Water Resouces Commissioner's office operates two septage receiving facilities. Tokens can be purchased by contacting the WRC main office number at 248-858-0958. You will find the following amenities at both locations:

  • Gated facilities requiring an RFID tag to enter so that only licensed haulers have access to the site.  Note that the RFID tag must be installed in the truck by WRC staff.
  • Open 24-7 to provide haulers year-round access to the site.
  • A hose at the site to wash any spills that may occur during the unloading process.
  • For any site access issues please call 248-303-4007 for assistance.
  • Video surveillance system enables haulers to monitor the truck offloading area to see if trucks are waiting outside.
  • Portable restrooms.   

 8 Mile Septage Unloading Site

 8-Mile Site Info

​The 8-Mile septage unloading site features 2 access ports that are gravity fed for the septic haulers to dump liquid waste.

 Pontiac Septage Unloading Site

 Pontiac Site Info

The Pontiac septage unloading site features 3 access ports that are gravity fed for the septic haulers to dump liquid waste.

 Clinton River Septage Unloading Site – Coming Soon!

 Clinton River Site Info

​A new masonry building houses septage processing equipment, pumps, electrical equipment, instrumentation and controls. 60,000‐gallon underground, concrete tank to store highly organic and inert material received at the plant.

 Septage Haulers Contact List