Lake Level Information

Under the provisions of Part 307 of Act No. 59 of 1995, Inland Lake Levels, the Water Resources Commissioner is delegated the responsibility of participating in legal proceedings to establish and maintain normal lake levels for lakes in Oakland County.

At present there are 54 lakes within the County that have an established normal level. The Water Resources Commissioner is the delegated authority to maintain the normal levels of these lakes. The lakes are located in five watersheds, distributed as follows: 34 in the Clinton, 13 in the Huron, 2 in the Rouge, 3 in the Shiawassee and 2 in the Flint.

A staff Engineer heads the Lake Level Program, which involves the operation and maintenance of 36 lake level control structures and 8 lake level augmentation pumps. In some cases, the level of more than one lake is controlled from a single structure. There are three lake level control technicians assigned to monitor the lake levels and perform the day to day operation of the structures.

The regulation of a lake level provides for flood control, enhanced recreational use and protection of property values. The Water Resources Commissioner's Office is available to help facilitate the process of establishing a normal lake level with literature and technical expertise.