Phase II Stormwater Reports

Oakland County Subwatershed Map
Oakland County Stormwater Pollution Prevention Initiative (SWPPI)
- 2018 Update

Reporting Period: October 1, 2015 - September 30, 2017

Oakland County Phase II Stormwater Biennial Progress Report for Fiscal Years 2016 - 2017

Appendix A – FY 2016/2017 Dirt Doctor Program Evaluation Summary
Appendix B – FY 2016 OCPRC Natural Resources Education Programming Summary
Appendix C – FY 2016/2017 Commissioner Nash Speaking Engagements Summary
Appendix D – FY 2016/2017 MSU-Extension Oakland County Natural Resources Education Programming Summaries
Appendix E – 2016/2017 Southeast Michigan Partners for Clean Water Community Annual Report Information
Appendix F – FY 2016/2017 Regional Stormwater Summit Agendas
Appendix G - FY 2016/2017 Clinton River Watershed Council River Day Event Guides
Appendix H - FY 2016/2017 WRC IDEP Complaint Summary Tables
Appendix I - FY 2016/2017 WRC Illicit Discharge Investigation Locations Maps
Appendix J - FY 2016/2017 RCOC Complaint Summary Information
Appendix K – WRC Dry Weather Screening Summary Tables
Appendix L – WRC Pollutant Removal Summary Tables
Appendix M – FY 2016 IDEP Training Summary
Appendix N - RCOC Outfall/Discharge Point Listing
Appendix O - FY 2016/2017 WRC MS4 Discharge Point Maps
Appendix P - FY 2016/2017 WRC Storm Drain Permit Review Summary Tables
Appendix Q - 2015/2016 Alliance of Rouge Communities Executive Director Reports
Appendix R - 2016/2017 Friends of the Rouge Monitoring Reports

Summary for Community Use

Oakland County 2016-2017 Phase II Stormwater Biennial Progress Report Summary