24-Hour Pollution Hotline

Call the 24-Hour Pollution Hotline at 248-858-0931 to report any suspicious discharges or illegal dumping of pollution into storm drains, lakes, creeks or streams.

 Activities to Report:

​Examples of activities that you should report are:
  • Contamination to lakes, rivers and streams
  • Pollution in a storm drain or surface water
  • Suspicious dumping to drains or waters
  • Suspicious discharges from pipes
  • Sewage discharges on the ground or into waters
  • Large numbers of dead fish
  • Failing septic systems
  • Soil erosion entering surface waters
  • Polluted storm water runoff 
  • Illegal connections of sanitary sewers to storm drains or surface waters

 Information Needed:

Please provide the following information when you call:
  • Your name and phone number (you can remain anonymous if you choose)
  • The source of pollution and what was spilled
  • Quantity of spill
  • Body of water impacted
  • When spill occurred
  • Major cross roads of spill or known address