Drain Use Permit Applications

A permit is required from the Oakland County Water Resources Commissioner's Office to perform work within a County Drain or County Drain easement. Prior to 1956, County Drain easements were kept on file at the Water Resources Commissioner's Office and were not required to be recorded at the Oakland County Register of Deeds. Therefore, this office asks that plans be submitted for review along with an application using our Permitting Self Service Portal. After a cursory review of your plans, we will advise you if a $250 review fee is required. 

Contractors performing work involving County Drains or within County Drain easements must be bonded with this office. A $500 cash deposit, a current $5,000 surety bond and liability insurance naming the Oakland County Water Resources Commissioner's Office as additional insured must be on file before a drain permit is issued. The surety bond is valid for one year and can be renewed by the bonding agent. The original continuation certificate must be submitted at the time of renewal.

 Drain Permits