Construction Drain Maintenance

The WRC staff can provide a variety of inspections associated with drain, sewer and water system construction.

  • Inspections include major construction projects and improvements, drain permits, sewer and water system extensions and house lead connections, as well as handling customer concerns.
  • The inspector is present to ensure new facilities are properly constructed, that the integrity of the existing system is maintained and that proper compliance with federal, state and local laws and ordinances is observed.

WRC operates and maintains all county-owned sewers and maintains many individual CVT sewer systems under contract. We also operate and maintain various drains in the county authorized by law. Additionally, the WRC provides drain and sewer inspection, maintenance and sewage flow metering; reviews engineering plans; and operates and maintains lake level control structures. The following is a partial list of services.

  • Equipped with data programs tracking manhole repairs, inspections, maintenance and video taping
  • Multiple vactor high-pressure cleaning trucks
  • Jet, high-pressure cleaning trucks with back easement machine
  • Closed circuit televising trucks equipped with 1000' of video cable with footage counter, digital recording for reports and reference, digital stills, and a tracking system to locate any missing manholes or areas of sewer/drain in need of repair
  • Backhoe, bulldozer, skid steer, and two dump trucks and trailers
  • Multiple manhole repair trucks equipped with 25' cranes and equipment to make necessary manhole repairs
  • Inspection crews equipped with digital cameras
  • Regulatory Maintenance