Sewer Maintenance & Engineering

​The WRC Sewer Systems Engineering and Maintenance Staff work closely with local sewer and public works departments, regulatory agencies, and other WRC staff to facilitate continuous wastewater removal services to more than 750,000 customers who utilize the three regional interceptors and 30 sewer systems operated and maintained by the WRC.

24-Hour Water and Sewer Emergency Line: 248-624-6366

 What We Do

  • Asset Management: We develop asset management programs to prioritize maintenance and capital improvement.
  • Project Design & Oversight: We design and oversee major maintenance and capital improvement projects.
  • Clean: ​We clean the sewers using jet, high-pressure, cleaning trucks.
  • Inspect: We inspect sewer pipes and manholes using closed circuit televising (CCTV) trucks equipped with 1000' of video cable with footage counter, digital recording for reports and reference, digital stills, and a tracking system.
  • Repair: We repair sewer pipes and manholes. Includes: grouting, spot repairs, pipe lining & manhole lining.