Chapter 20 Drainage Board (Intracounty)

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Drainage Board meetings are held on active Drainage District projects to proceed with work plans and/or authorize financial activity. There are multiple Drainage District meetings held during the meeting time.​

Chapter 20 Drainage Board meetings are held at the Oakland County Water Resources Public Works Building, 95 West, One Public Works Drive, Waterford, Michigan 48328 and begin at 2:00pm unless otherwise noted. For questions, please call our office.

​Drainage Board Members

Chair: Jim Nash, Oakland County Water Resources Commissioner
Member: David Woodward, Oakland County Commissioner - Board Chairperson
Member: Helaine Zack, Oakland County Commissioner - Finance Committee Chairperson


Tentative Chapter 20 Drainage Board Meeting schedule through December 2019

Tentative Chapter 20 Drainage Board Meeting Schedule through December 2020

The above schedule is subject to change to accommodate Drainage Board Members schedule conflicts and/or emergency meetings.

 Upcoming Meetings

 Meeting Agendas