Rouge River Watershed

Rouge River Watershed

The Oakland County Water Resources Commissioner's Office (WRC) has been very active within the Rouge River watershed. The WRC has constructed retention treatment basins (RTBs) to control combined sewer overflows (CSOs) and protect the water quality.  The WRC has also implemented a number of storm water projects including streambank stabilization, public education and illicit discharge elimination activities.

Rouge Watershed Map

Communities and other stakeholders are working together to protect and restore the Rouge River watershed as part of the Alliance of Rouge Communities (ARC).  Oakland County is part of three Rouge River subwatersheds and the WRC participates in each Subwatershed Advisory Group (SWAG). The OCWRC Environmental Team provides representation and coordinates efforts with the ARC to improve water quality.  For more information on the ARC, please contact Jim Ridgeway, Executive Director at or phone 313-963-6600.

The WRC led planning, public education and illicit discharge activities in the Main 1-2 subwatershed. The WRC has developed an illicit detection program to conduct inventory work on county drains and have staff available to work in the community drains, as well.

For additional information regarding outreach and citizen involvement programs within the watershed, visit the Friends of the Rouge website or phone 313-792-9900.

In 2008, communities and other watershed partners have worked cooperatively to update the Watershed Management Plan (WMP) to guide the protection and restoration of the Rouge River watershed.  The plan is currently under review by the Michigan Department of Natural Resources and Environment.  You can access the updated WMP by clicking on the link below.