Huron River Watershed

Huron River Watershed

Within the Huron River watershed, there are two subwatersheds.  Each of these subwatersheds have a Subwatershed Advisory Group (SWAG).  The Environmental Team provides representation and coordinates efforts accordingly with these groups to improve water quality:Huron Watershed Map

  • The Kent Lake SWAG is facilitated by Jacy Garrison of the Oakland County Water Resources Commissioner's Office or phone 248.858.5264.
  • The Chain of Lakes SWAG is facilitated by Ric Lawson of HRWC or phone 734.769.5123 ext. 13.

The Huron River Watershed Council (HRWC) has an Upper Huron Initiative that manages programming in the Oakland County section of the watershed. Under this initiative, a Watershed Management Plan was written for the Kent Lake subwatershed to address the Total Daily Maximum Load (TMDL) exceedance for phosphorus loading that was resulting in eutrophication in Kent Lake.

More recently, the Kent Lake/Upper Huron SWAG developed a watershed management plan to comply with the Federal Phase II Stormwater Regulations. Please click on the links below to download the full text of the plan:

The remainder of the Huron River drainage area in Oakland County consists of Davis Creek and Woodruff Creek branches of the river.  The stakeholders in the drainage area outside of Oakland County have formed a working subwatershed group called the Huron-Chain of Lakes which recently completed the Huron Chain of Lakes Watershed Management Plan.

For more detailed information regarding watershed activities and programming in the Huron, visit the Huron River Watershed Council website or phone 734-769-5123. 

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