Inspection/Permitting/Planning Service
Oakland County, MichiganWater Resources CommissionerInspection/Permitting/Planning Service

Inspection/Permitting/Planning Service

Cross ConnectionPlanning Service

Our Cross Connection staff is responsible for the inspection, elimination and prevention of cross connections in commercial, industrial and residential facilities. This program is designed to prevent backflow or backsiphonage of contaminated water into the drinking water supply.

  • Water quality sampling and water quality investigations

Engineering Review

The WRC has a dedicated staff that oversees and reviews new construction project plans that involve water, sewer and drainage facilities under the jurisdiction of the WRC. These reviews are done to ensure that the detailed construction plans are in compliance with the adopted specifications established for the system. The appropriate permits for this work are issued upon approval.

  • Reviews plans for all new residential and commercial developments under WRC jurisdiction
  • Reviews are also performed and permits issued for municipal projects and local road commission and Michigan Department of Transportation projects 

Industrial Pretreatment Program (IPP)

IPP is part of the Cross Connection staff.  They are charged with enforcing the IPP standards in accordance with Environmental Protection Agency and Michigan Department of Environmental Quality regulations.

  • Staff  issues wastewater discharge permits and monitors permitted industries through regular wastewater sampling and comprehensive facility inspections. 


The WRC staff can provide a variety of inspections associated with drain, sewer and water system construction.

  • Inspections include major construction projects and improvements, drain permits, sewer and water system extensions and house lead connections, as well as handling customer concerns.
  • The inspector is present to ensure new facilities are properly constructed, that the integrity of the existing system is maintained and that proper compliance with federal, state and local laws and ordinances is observed.

Miss Dig

The WRC provides onsite Miss Dig service which identifies the location of underground water, sewer and drain facilities. We stake the existing utility either with flags or by painting the ground. Locating the underground infrastructure helps minimize the risk of damage during construction activities.

Project Management

Under the provisions of the Michigan Drain Code, through municipal petition or citizen initiative, storm drain facilities can be constructed and established as a county drain. WRC staff members manage the construction and improvements of these facilities. New water and sanitary sewer facility construction is likewise managed by our staff upon request from local municipalities. Part of our project management includes Right of Way services.

Right of Way services include:

  • Acquisition of easements for the construction of storm drains, sanitary sewer systems and water supply systems
  • Obtaining acceptable easement agreements from individual property owners for these projects 

Soil Erosion
Our Soil Erosion staff issues soil erosion permits for construction activities to control soil erosion on behalf of many communities in Oakland County. This service is provided to protect our lakes, streams and wetlands from the effects of soil erosion and sedimentation.


The WRC provides surveying service for the construction layout of county drains, sewers and water projects, the staking of easement and right of way boundaries.