Educational School Programs

Educational School Programs

Rouge River Water Festival

The Water Resources Commissioner's office (WRC) and the Cranbrook Institute of Science annually host the Rouge River Water Festival in September for more than 1,500 fourth and fifth grade students.

This interactive learning event is divided into half-day segments to provide students a unique hands-on experience learning the importance of water and how it is used in their daily lives.

The Cranbrook Institute of Science, located in Bloomfield Hills, is situated on three sub-branches of the Rouge River and offers an outstanding learning environment.

The 2017 Rouge River Water Festival was held from September 12th-15th.  For more information, please contact Michele Arquette-Palermo, Head of the Freshwater Forum with the Cranbrook Institute of Science, at 248-645-3223 or e-mail


Clinton River Water Festival

The WRC and Oakland University also host an annual water festival on the campus of Oakland University in May.  Modeled after the Rouge River Water Festival, fifth-grade students from schools within the Clinton River Watershed are invited to attend either a half or full day session to learn about water quality and how we all have a part to play in protecting this precious resource.

The 2017 Clinton River Water Festival was held on May 19th.  For more information, please contact Oakland University at 248-370-4455.  


Dirt Doctors Program

The Dirt Doctors program is designed to teach children how individual actions affect our waterways.  The program explains the connections between vegetation, soil erosion and water quality in a fun-filled, interactive program complete with squirt guns and a fair amount of dirt and mud!  The Dirt Doctors are a favorite at water festivals and are available to attend special events.  Please contact the WRC Environmental Team at or phone 248-858-0958 to see about scheduling a visit.

Click here to see a summary of what the Dirt Doctors program is all about! This program is appropriate for ages 4th through 6th grade.


Drain Detectives Program

The Drain Detectives program is designed to teach children how Oakland County staff investigate and eliminate pollution sources to our area waterways.  Students will learn the following as part of this interactive presentation:

  • The purpose of the County's Illicit Discharge Elimination Program (IDEP)
  • The different types of pollution that can impact our waterways
  • How staff track pollution sources, and
  • The equipment staff use in their work.

Please contact the WRC Environmental Team at or phone 248-858-0958 to see about scheduling a presentation.

Click here to see a summary of what the Drain Detectives program is all about!  This program is appropriate for ages 4th through 12th grades.


Enviroscape Watershed Model

The Enviroscape watershed model provides an effective demonstration that shows how water travels across the land and how various types of land use and our everyday actions can cause pollution in our lakes, streams, rivers and wetlands.  The program explains the importance of fresh water, the water cycle, drinking water sources, watershed awareness, nonpoint source pollution and simple actions we can all take to protect water quality.  

Click here to see a summary of what the Enviroscape Watershed Model program is all about!  This program is appropriate for all ages.


Kids' Clean Water Calendar Contest

For the past 13 years, the WRC has held an annual calendar contest open to fourth and fifth grade students within Oakland County.  This program is a great way to educate our youth and teach them how to get involved in discovering ways that they can help to prevent pollution of our plentiful waterways.

The 2018 calendar contest rules and entry form is available here. For more information, please contact our Environmental Team at 248-858-0958 or e-mail Entries will be accepted from Sept. 5, 2017 through October 6th, 2017 and winners will be notified in mid-November. To request a free copy of the 2018 calendar, call or e-mail us!