Customer Service

Customer Service

Customer ServiceCustomer Service to Oakland County Cities, Villages & Townships (CVTs)

We provide operations and maintenance to both water and sewer customers in Bingham Farms, Bloomfield Hills, Commerce Township, Farmington Hills, Keego Harbor, Orchard Lake Village, Pontiac, Royal Oak Township, White Lake Township and Wolverine Lake Village. We also operate and maintain well water supplied drinking water systems in parts of Franklin Village, Highland Township, Novi, Oakland Township, Oxford Township and Springfield Township.

Emergency Services   248-624-6366 - Water & Sewer 24-Hour Emergency

The WRC provides emergency services for sewer and water maintenance  24 hours a day, seven days a week with a response time of two hours or less anywhere in Oakland County.  Another  part of our emergency services is the Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition System  (SCADA). This allows us to monitor electronically controlled alarms and security systems at well houses, water treatment facilities, water storage reservoirs, pressure reducing valve units, wastewater treatment plants, sanitary sewer lift stations, rain gauges, lake levels, etc.

Environmental, Stormwater Requirements/Regulations & Public Education
Our Environmental Team manages the federal stormwater permit program for Oakland County. This involves coordinating with other Oakland County agencies, subwatershed groups and communities within the five major watersheds in Oakland County.

Services we provide include:

  • Public education on water quality issues
  • Illicit Discharge Elimination Program
  • Numerous technical committees, public advisory councils and boards dealing with water quality
  • Dirt Doctors, Drain Detectives and Enviroscape Watershed Model programs for children learning about the effects we have on our waterways.

Mapping Services & CAMS

Our Mapping Services staff is experienced in converting water, sanitary/combined sewer and storm drain infrastructure information into a Geographic Information System (GIS) format. While completing the conversion of all infrastructure maintained by this office, they continually update and improve existing data as well as create new datasets. This group is available to assist communities, villages, townships (CVTs) and organizations with their conversion and data maintenance needs, including GPS data collection, exhibit and general map production and document scanning and archiving. 

The WRC is a full participant of the Collaborative Asset Management System (CAMS). This system will improve our preventive maintenance program to become a more robust predictive maintenance system.
The system will provide:

  • An electronic, Web-based work order system available to field and office staff
  • Cost savings to our customers by avoiding costly emergency repairs and increasing the life of existing equipment
  • A Customer Request Management system, (CRM) allowing us to better serve our customer questions and concerns
  • The availability for CVTs to partner with the WRC and use the new CAMS system

GWK Confined Space Training Facility
The training facility was built to mimic working conditions in confined spaces, such as manholes and chambers. The facility is available for use by state, county and local governments, as well as first responders such as police and fire department staff.

  • There is a standard 24-inch cover accessing a 6 foot deep manhole with both a 48-inch and 42-inch diameter concrete pipe passing through it.
  • There is another standard 24-inch cover accessing a 5 foot deep manhole with a 36-inch diameter concrete pipe passing through it.  These structures can be used to simulate a horizontal extraction scenario.
  • The entire training structure is built into an earth mound approximately 12 foot tall with a concrete staircase on the east side for access to the manholes and Bilco hatch. 

Water & Sewer Billing
The WRC has dedicated staff that handle water and sewer billing for multiple communities in Oakland County. We are ready to answer any billing question or concern from 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday. For more information contact 248-858-1110. 

We provide: 

  • Water meter reading
  • Billing services for water and sewer customers
  • Bill collection with options to pay by automatic bill payment from a customer’s checking or savings account, on-line at the WRC Web site, by mail or walk-in.