2017 Consumer Confidence Reports (Water)
Oakland County, MichiganWater Resources Commissioner2017 Consumer Confidence Reports (Water)

2017 Consumer Confidence Reports (Water)

The Consumer Confidence Report (CCR) is designed to inform you about your water quality. Included in the report are water supply source information, detected contaminants and violations (along with corrective actions) that occurred during the reporting year.

A supplier of water is required to provide the CCR to water consumers by July 1 of each year, according to Title XIV of the United States Public Health Service Act, (Chapter 373, 88 Stat. 1660), popularly known as The Safe Drinking Water Act (SDWA), and the Michigan Safe Drinking Water Act (1976 PA399, amended to 1998, PA56). Please click here for additional Drinking Water Information.

Year 2017 Reports (issued June 2018)

Great Lakes Water Authority (GLWA) - Water Supply Source:

Well Water - Water Supply Source:

Hardness concentration to grains conversion; divide mg/L (ppm) of hardness by 17.1 to convert to grains for softener adjustment.

Charter Township of Highland

Charter Township of Lyon

Charter Township of Oakland

Charter Township of Oxford
Charter Township of Springfield

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