Public Meetings & Reports

Public Meetings & Reports

The following activities, meetings and reports are facilitated by the Oakland County Water Resources Commissioner's Office:


Consumer Confidence Reports (Water Quality) - Annual data for Community Water Supply Systems OCWRC Operates

Lake Level Reports - Weekly data for Lake Level Control Structures OCWRC operates

Phase II Stormwater Annual/Biennial Reports - Annual/Biennial Data for Oakland County's Phase II Stormwater Permit Compliance Activities

Rainfall Reports - Monthly data for Gauges that OCWRC operates

WRC 2015 Annual Report

WRC 2014 Annual Report

WRC 2013 Annual Report

WRC 2012 Annual Report

WRC 2011 Annual Report 

WRC 2010 Annual Report 

WRC 2009 Annual Report

WRC 2008 Annual Report


Notice of Meetings