Lower Pettibone Lake Sanitary Drain
Oakland County, MichiganWater Resources CommissionerLower Pettibone Lake Sanitary Drain

Lower Pettibone Lake Sanitary Drain

Lower Pettibone Lake is located in parts of Sections 27 and 34, T.3 N., R.7 E., Highland Township. The land on the western shore of the lake was platted in 1929 as Reid's Subdivision. Residential structures in this subdivision were primarily constructed during the 1930's to 1950's as weekend cottages with minimal private septic facilities. Over the last several years, these cottages have been updated into year-round homes, and in many cases the footprint of the structures leaves little room for engineered septic systems.

On March 15, 2010 an application requesting for the Laying Out and Designating of a Drainage District under Chapter 4 of Act 40 of the Public Acts of 1956, as amended, the Drain Code, was received by the Oakland County Water Resources Commissioner. Following verification of the authenticity of the petition, a Hearing of Determination was held on October 18, 2010 before a board comprised of three disinterested property owners. The Board of Determination heard testimony from the affected property owners and resolved that the proposed project was conducive to the public health, convenience and welfare.

WRC staff has performed preliminary engineering for the project. The current project consists of a pressure sewer system with 25 individual residential grinder pumps that will discharge to a community disposal field. The project will be financed by the sale of bonds to be repaid by the property owners residing within the Drainage District (SAD). Spalding, DeDecker Associates, Inc. is the design engineer for the project. Michael Walsh, P.E. is the WRC Engineer assigned to the project. 

Bids for the project were received November 13, 2014 and the construction contract was awarded to Bob Myers Excavating, Inc. of Brighton, Michigan for their low bid amount of $524,227.00. Construction begins in August 2014 and the project is scheduled to be December 15, 2014.