Construction Projects Within a County Drain
Oakland County, MichiganWater Resources CommissionerConstruction Projects Within a County Drain

Construction Projects Within a County Drain

Prior to beginning a new or existing construction project (commercial buildings or structures, homes or other property alterations), you must contact the County to determine if you are building within a County drain or if your construction project will affect the area's drainage systems.

If the County indicates that your construction project is within the Water Resources Commissioner's jurisdiction, you must get approval. Prior to a permit being issued, engineering plans must be submitted for review to ensure conformance with engineering design standards that have been developed by the Water Resources Commissioner's Office to protect the integrity and usefulness of existing facilities. Plans are reviewed to ensure that there is adequate storm water detention/retention to protect the integrity of receiving water systems.

This is very important because you may not be aware of the impact your construction project may have on existing drainage systems in the area. This office is charged with protecting county drains from development that may impair right-of-way flood plains and unhealthy discharge run-off that may result from changes in property as a result of development.

At the time of construction for work in which a permit has been issued, an inspection is made to assure that the job is done properly and in accordance with the approved engineering plans. A fee and/or deposit is charged to offset the cost of this inspection.

Please call 248-858-0958 if you have a project that is near a drain or stream.