Soil Erosion Control Permit Application
Oakland County, MichiganWater Resources CommissionerSoil Erosion Control Permit Application

Soil Erosion Control Permit Application

Permit Information

When do I need a permit? A permit is required for any earth change, which involves a disturbance of an area of one acre or more, and/or if the earth change is within 500 feet of a lake, stream, pond, open drain, river or wetland. See Michigan Department of Environmental Quality Part 91 Frequently Asked Questions (file size 75k) for more information.  

Do I need a permit from OCWRC?  OCWRC administers the Soil Erosion program for certain Oakland County communities. Earth changes on land solely within Oakland County that does not fall within the jurisdiction of a Municipal Enforcing Agency (MEA) requires a soil erosion permit from OCWRC.

Please view the following map to see if your community is part of the Oakland County program:
OCWRC Soil Erosion Jurisdiction Map.  If the site is located in multiple communities/counties, then a permit from the Michigan Department of Natural Resources and Environment (MDNRE) is required. Visit the SESC Program webpage for more information.

The following municipalities administer their own soil erosion program.  Contact these communities for information on their permit programs:

  • City of Birmingham
  • City of Bloomfield Hills
  • Township of Commerce
  • City of Farmington Hills
  • City of Lake Angelus  
  • City of Novi
  • Township of Orion 
  • Township of Oxford
  • City of Southfield
  • City of Troy
  • City of Walled Lake
  • Township of West Bloomfield
  • Village of Wolverine Lake 

Contact information for these communities

How do I apply?
  The following application forms are to be completed and submitted to the Soil Erosion Unit. These applications have form fields and check boxes that can be completed and saved.

As of October 1, 2017 the following permit application must be used:



Note:   To receive forms by fax or mail, contact the Soil Erosion Unit at 248-858-5389. 


The Soil Erosion Unit accepts cash, checks (no starter checks), VISA and MasterCard. Checks can be made out to the Oakland County Water Resources Commissioner or OCWRC. VISA and MasterCard can be accepted over the phone.

Permit Transfer

When property covered under a soil erosion permit is sold, the permit must be transferred to the new land owner.  The soil erosion permit holder is fully responsible for the overall maintenance of soil erosion control measures and inspection fees until the permit is closed or transferred.  For more details, please see New Homeowners Guide to Soil Erosion Control Brochure.

To transfer a permit, the permit holder and new owner must submit the following permit transfer information: 

Permit Transfer Information Sample Letter 

A permit transfer cannot be processed if there are outstanding balances or the violation.

Standards, Details and Best Management Practices (BMP)

Below is the OCWRC Soil Erosion Standard Detail Sheet. It is formatted to 24" x 36".

New Detail Sheet as of April, 2013

OCWRC Soil Erosion Standard Detail Sheet (1.2m)

OCWRC Soil Erosion Manual - March 2011 (20m)

Where can I get more information?

Please contact the Soil Erosion Unit at 248-858-5389 for more information.

For more information  on the OCWRC Soil Erosion Program, please see Program & Services - Soil Erosion and Sedimentation Control.