Drain Use Permits and Subdivision Plan Reviews
Oakland County, MichiganWater Resources CommissionerDrain Use Permits and Subdivision Plan Reviews

Drain Use Permits and Subdivision Plan Reviews

If you are going to make any changes, modify or do any work within a County drain or its easement, approval is required from the Oakland County Water Resources Commissioner's Office, and may include the submittal of engineering plans/drawings and other information.

When submitting engineering plans/drawings, including subdivision construction plans under Section 192 of Act 288, P.A. 1967, The Subdivision Control Act, a  Request For Service Application - Drain - Effective October 1, 2011 (file size 28k) which includes a Schedule of Fees, shall be submitted along with plans.

Drain engineering staff conduct an extensive and detailed review of construction plans to ensure adequacy of design and make provisions for inspections to ensure compliance with Water Resources Commissioner construction standards.

Call 248-858-0958  to find out if you need the County's approval for work you are doing and for more information regarding the approval process.