Permits, Applications and Forms

Permits, Applications and Forms

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The following permits are issued by, or facilitated through, the Oakland County Water Resources Commissioner's Office:

WRC has adopted a new policy requiring bonding of contractors to include County Drain work. Contractors connecting or disconnecting to Oakland County Water Resources Commissioner sanitary/combined sewers and/or interceptors and any county drain work must be bonded with the Water Resources Commissioner's office. A $500 cash deposit, a current $5,000 surety bond and liability insurance naming WRC as additional insured must be on file with the Permit department.  (Surety Bond Form DC-443). The surety bond is valid for one year and can be renewed by the bonding agent. The original continuation certificate must be submitted to OCWRC at the time of renewal. If you have questions, please call 248-858-0958.

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Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) Form 

Making a basement flooding claim: Click here for more information and the link to the form.