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The Oakland County Water Resources Commissioner's Office is faced with many challenges in the 21st century. It must provide leadership in areas of regional cooperation in order to make responsible decisions about infrastructure, the environment and water quality.

Formerly known as the Drain Commissioner's Office, the name was changed to the Water Resources Commissioner's Office in November 2008 to reflect the increased duties and responsibilities of the office. It's not just about drains in the 21st century. Today, the Water Resources Commissioner's Office is a key component in providing you with quality water supply, drainage systems and sewage disposal systems...and doing  it in a way that keeps our environment safe and promotes responsible growth.

Michigan State law, The Drain Code--Act 40 of 1956, as amended, gives the County Water Resources Commissioner powers and responsibilities to govern legally established drainage systems within the county. The Oakland County Water Resources Commissioner also has additional statutory responsibilities (Act 342, etc.), along with other responsibilities delegated by the Oakland County Board of Commissioners. 

waterworldoval.jpgWe all want the same thing: clean water. Please click here to read the article by Water Resources Commissioner Jim Nash.  We All Want Clean Water.pdf


Farmington Hills – Middlebelt Tunnel Project Updates


Keeping our water in Oakland County clean and safe.

Water Resources Commissioner Jim Nash talks about water quality.

Great Lakes Water Authority - Water Quality, Town Hall Presentation

Water Resources Commissioner's Letter to Oakland County Residents Regarding Water Quality - March 7, 2016

Great Lakes Water Authority (GLWA) CEO Issues Statement on Flint and Water Quality to its GLWA-Served Communities - March, 2016

GLWA Presentation on Drinking Water Regulations and the Water Treatment Process - February 24, 2016

For more information related to lead and drinking water, please visit the Oakland County Health Division's website here.

Consumer Confidence Reports for drinking water systems maintained by WRC can be found here.

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