Mission and Quality Policy

Mission and Quality Policy

Mission Statement 

The Oakland County Water Resources Commissioner's Office is dedicated to the preservation and protection of our water environments, public health, welfare, convenience and the citizen's right to quality water. We are committed to acting with integrity and professionalism and will always seek collaboration among our Oakland County communities and regional partners.

We commit ourselves to providing our customers with high value services that are fairly priced, environmentally sound and sustainable in the long term. We are committed to an open dialogue with our communities and promise to keep lines of communication open.

In our pursuit of excellence and continuous improvement, every member of our staff will respond to issues of the public promptly, safely, respectfully and with sensitivity to their individual needs. Our office will always endeavor to provide an appropriate resource when an issue is not within our authority.

We will instill a culture that perpetuates an environment promoting trust, respect and teamwork, both within our organization and among our communities and region.

Safety & Quality Policy

We are committed to excellence and providing progressive solutions by utilizing quality objectives, sound environmental practices and a comprehensive safety program. Our organization has pledged a commitment to maintain management practices that ensure continuous improvement, the prevention of pollution and a safe work environment for our employees. We will set goals that encourage efforts to meet or exceed local, state and federal water quality standards, environmental regulations and safety requirements within our control.