About the Oakland County Water Resources Commissioner
Oakland County, MichiganWater Resources CommissionerAbout the Oakland County Water Resources Commissioner

About the Oakland County Water Resources Commissioner

Jim Nash, Oakland County Water Resources Commissioner, has the responsibility of planning, developing and maintaining designated surface water drainage systems in Oakland County under Michigan State law, known as Drain Code, Act 40 of 1956 (and has other statutory duties as Agent for the county).

The office staff of more than 225 highly trained professional and technically skilled people is dedicated to providing the best and most cost effective service to the citizens of Oakland County.

The office consists of three customer focused areas: 
Customer Service 
Infrastructure Service 
Inspection/Permitting/ Planning Service.

WRC Leadership Team:

Jim Nash
Water Resources Commissioner

Phil Sanzica, P.E.
Chief Deputy Water Resources Commissioner

Steven A. Korth, P.E.
Manager, Drain Maintenance, Soil Erosion Permitting, Construction Project Management & Regional Storm Water Projects

Tim Prince, P.E.
Manager, Water Systems, Pump Systems, Sewer Systems, RTB's & Regional Water Systems

Sherri Gee 
Chief Administrative Services, Human Resources, Billing Services & Management Systems (ISO & CAMS)

Some of the specific programs and services provided by the Water Resources Commissioner's Office through these divisions include:

For more information regarding Water Resources Commissioner's Office services, please call 248-858-0958.