Oakland County Children's Village strongly believes that every individual has the potential and ability to be successful despite the circumstances that may have brought them into care. As such, Children's Village offers a safe, structured, therapeutic environment for youth that includes secure detention, residential treatment, and shelter care. Children's Village is committed to working with youth to facilitate and endorse socially responsible behaviors, as well as healthy coping skills. By offering a series of evidence-based treatment services, Children's Village provides individuals and their families the opportunity to foster the skills necessary to promote positive change, thus allowing for a more successful transition back into their homes, schools, and communities.

Mission Statement

The mission of Oakland County’s Children’s Village is to provide the best possible services to children and youth who come under the jurisdiction of the court and are deemed to be temporarily in need of out-of- home care, custody and treatment. All services are delivered in a caring, safe and therapeutic setting, which also serves to protect the public.