Educational Services

Educational Services

Contact: Diane Behrendt, Principal, Children's Village School

Joy Duff, Office Manager

Phone: 248-858-5491
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Mission Statement 

We pledge to provide a positive learning environment which recognizes the individual needs, special talents and uniqueness of each student. We pledge to provide each student the opportunity to learn and develop at his/her own pace so that he/she can become productive, self-reliant citizens of the world. 


Inspire, educate, and empower our students for their future. 

The fundamental purpose of the Waterford School District is to ensure high levels of learning for all students, as evidenced by the following goals:
  • We will ensure that all students successfully complete every course and every grade level and demonstrate proficiency on local, state, and national assessments.
  • We will eliminate gaps in student achievement in all demographic areas.
  • We will provide challenging learning experiences for every student, every day.
Children’s Village School is a K-12 school program that provides a broad range of educational services delivered by the Waterford School District via a contract with Oakland County.  All teachers are highly qualified Waterford School District employees. 
All courses are fully accredited and transferable to home school districts.
Students receive instruction in core subjects, aligned with the Michigan Merit Curriculum.  Elective courses include physical education, art, business, personal achievement, and survival skills.  Most students also have access to on-line credit recovery during the school day and/or after school.
Student recognition is an important element within the learning environment.  Students receive positive behavior slips as well as ‘Golden Apple’ certificates for behavior above and beyond expectations.  Students who participate in community service projects are rewarded with pizza parties.  Several students have the opportunity to join the Village Voyagers male basketball team as well as female volleyball team.
Student assistance is enhanced by the Title I reading and math programs, designed for students who are three or more years below grade level, which provides instruction that builds the student’s current level of skills.
Classroom teacher assistants work in classrooms to support students, as well as one-on-one tutoring.
The Special Education program used at Children’s Village School is the inclusion model, in which students are included in general education classrooms, based on their abilities, with the support of identified accommodations.  Goals and objectives are reviewed annually, during an IEPT meeting.  All Special Education rules and procedures are strictly adhered to with each student.