Residential Treatment Services
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Residential Treatment Services

Contact: Heather Calcaterra, Administrator
Phone: 248-858-1160
Fax: 248-858-5222

The goal of the Residential Treatment Services Team is to provide a structured treatment environment for dysfunctional youngsters that will promote the youth’s psychological growth by learning emotional controls, enhancing of self-esteem, increasing sense of responsibility and awareness of the rights of others.

Recognizing that achievement of this goal is a continuous process that will extend beyond the youth’s stay in the Village, the main objective is to provide the services for the resident and family that would enable the youth to move from the facility to a less-restrictive setting, in the least amount of time necessary to achieve the treatment goals.

Residential Treatment Program: Provides correctional/rehabilitative services to males and females, age 12 through 17 years, who have been placed by order of the Family Court or by referral from the Family Independence Agency. Youths reside in open (unlocked) living units or a secure (locked) setting, depending upon the severity of their delinquency and dysfunctional behavior. Involvement with the facility staff by the parents/guardians and the Family Court in the ongoing treatment process is essential to this program. Additionally, protection for the community is addressed via the continuum of security levels.

Standard services include individual counseling and group therapy with individualized service plans, including aftercare. Specialized services include individual psychotherapy, psychiatric care, family therapy and employment training. Length of stay is open-ended, based upon the needs of the youth, and the progress made by youth and family toward achieving those objectives. This program serves as a lower-cost alternative to youths having to be committed to the state system of care.