Health/Medical Services

Health/Medical Services

Contact: Katie Williams, Medical Unit Nursing Supervisor
Phone: 248-858-1148
Fax: 248-858-4943

Oakland County Children's Village provides services that attend to the physical health needs of the young people placed in our care.

Registered Nurses are on duty 16 hours a day and are available on-call for the remaining 8 hours. Routine physical health care is delivered by our team of nurses, who visit each of the residential living units a minimum of four times daily. They respond to emergency medical needs and evaluate the need for further treatment.

The Nursing Team performs initial health screenings at the point of admittance of a child or youth to the facility. The initiation of several health promotion activities has provided the Nursing Team with the opportunity to practice primary prevention.

Consulting physicians are on site three times weekly performing physical examinations, diagnostics and medical treatment as needed. Extended medical treatment and/or emergency care is provided by the consulting physicians at a nearby hospital. All new admissions are scheduled to see the facility's consulting physician for a routine physical. Follow-up visits are scheduled as needed.

On-site dental services, including dental hygiene, diagnostics and treatment are provided by a dentist, dental assistant and dental hygienist from the Oakland County Health Division. Dental needs are addressed on a priority-referral basis. Even if the child has no immediate dental needs, he/she will be seen by the dental hygienist for a routine cleaning within 30 days. Follow-up treatment is scheduled if needed.