Programs & Services

Programs & Services


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Mandy's Place Emergency Shelter Care,

Although a child's stay at Mandy's Place may be short, our goal is to make a difference in each of their lives. The short term programming provided at Mandy's Place is designed to have a long-term positive impact in children's lives!

Mandy's Place is an emergency shelter program that provides short-term placement and support to young males and females, age birth – 17, who are the victims of abuse and/or neglect. Many of the residents referred to Mandy's Place have experienced at least one failed placement, while others have been removed from their homes by the police or the Department of Health and Human Services. Regardless of their specific circumstance, Mandy's Place provides a therapeutic, homelike intervention for all residents in our care.

While in care children receive 24 hour supervision from trained Youth Specialists, as well as clinical services from a licensed clinician. In addition, a Case Coordinator assists with court representation as well as collaboration between Mandy's Place, The Department of Health and Human Services, Juvenile Court, and other coordinating agencies. Mandy's Place believes this team approach allows us to effectively meet the needs of our clients.


In order to meet the needs of our client population, Mandy's Place accepts admissions on a 24 hour basis. Although the majority of referrals come from Oakland County, Mandy's Place is able to accommodate out of county referrals based on the program census, and on a case by case basis.

In order to initiate a referral please contact our intake department at (248) 858-1174 or after hours (248) 858-1153.

Residential Treatment,

Children's Village believes in evidenced based therapeutic treatment programming. Our philosophy is that residential treatment is intended to create and sustain a change in the behavioral patterns of troubled adolescents. We strive for reconciliation with family members and a successful transition back into the community.

The length of stay at Children's Village varies and is dependent on the youth's prior history, course of treatment, current offense(s), behavior and cooperation within the program.

Based on normed assessment tools, individualized treatment plans encompass the unique needs of every child in residential care. Youth will learn to become responsible for their own actions and to develop effective means of change. Within each youth's treatment plan, we create attainable goals for personal growth and success, while challenging our residents to change the way they make decisions, thereby increasing their chances for future success outside program. The specific skills that youth will develop are honesty, trust, respect, responsibility, social awareness, conflict resolution, coping  skills, anger management and more.

A large focus of residential programs is interactive journaling which is a systematic, cognitive-behavioral step by step treatment strategy designed to enhance self-image and promote growth of a positive productive identity.

Parents/guardians also play an important role in providing support for their child and the program. We understand that parents/guardians need support, education, and skills to relate to their children in more effective ways. We provide this through family therapy, parental support workshops, and parental participation in programming.


Secure Detention,

Secure detention houses juveniles awaiting court proceedings and further placement decisions. Youth held in secure detention receive education, recreation, health assessments, counseling and other intervention services (i.e. substance abuse counseling) with the intent of maintaining resident well-being during his or her stay in custody.

All youth entering detention are given the Massachusetts Youth Screening Instrument 2 (MAYSI-2).  The MASYI-2 is a brief screening instrument designed to identify potential mental health needs.  The MAYSI-2 provides information that alerts staff to the potential for the following mental and behavioral problems:  Alcohol/Drug Use, Angry-Irritable, Depressed-Anxious, Somatic Complaints, Suicide Ideation, Thought Disturbance and Traumatic Experiences.  Youth that elicit a high score in any of the above areas are referred to a Clinician for immediate follow-up.   

Oakland County Children's Village Secure Detention is licensed to accept children 10-17 years old.

Status Offender Treatment,

The Children's Village Status Offender Program (STOP) is an intensive short term treatment program designed to assist pre and post adjudicated status offenders improve their decision making skills, helping them return successfully to the community and avoid further escalation within the juvenile justice system.

What is a Status Offense?

Status offenses are acts that are not deemed criminal when committed by adults, but carry sanctions for youth due to their legal status as minors. Commonly charged status offenses are persistent truancy, curfew violations, possession of alcohol or tobacco, and incorrigible behavior.

STOP's primary goal is to provide a short-term intervention that supports residents in making a timely return to the community without further escalation. Examples of this include relapse prevention planning, community service projects, life skill classes and assessment of individual and family strengths. Individual, group, and family support sessions are also provided.

Following release, youth and their families will receive 30 days of transitional assistance. In some cases, the use of electronic monitoring may be implemented once a youth returns home.


Assessment Center,

The Children's Village Juvenile Assessment Center (CVJAC) is designed to assess youth who have come into contact with the Oakland County Juvenile Court in the following areas: criminogenic risk, treatment needs, motivation for treatment, psychological attributes and family.  A comprehensive assessment report with recommendations is sent to the court prior to the youth's Dispositional Hearing.  This report provides additional information which is helpful for the dispositional hearing.

Oakland Integrated Heathcare Network (OIHN),

In an effort to provide a full continuum of care, Children's Village collaborates with several community organizations. One of those organizations is Oakland Integrated Healthcare Network (OIHN), a nonprofit, 501(c)(3) community partnership that offers coordinated, high quality primary, mental and dental health care throughout Oakland County, Michigan.

In late 2014, OIHN was awarded funding through the Michigan Department of Education and Michigan Department of Community Health (now known as the Department of Health and Human Services) to establish a school based child and adolescent health center focused on serving at-risk youth and children through a trauma informed model of care. This school based health center is located on the campus of Children's Village within the Children's Village School. All services are aimed at achieving the best possible physical, emotional, and intellectual health status for the residents in care.  Included in this element are comprehensive primary care, psychosocial and behavioral health services, health promotion/disease prevention, and outreach services. Clinical services shall include, at a minimum: primary care, including health care maintenance; immunization assessment and administration; care of acute and chronic illnesses; confidential STD diagnosis and treatment and HIV counseling and testing as allowed by the state and/or federal law; health education and risk reduction counseling; and referrals for services not available within the health center.


 All Programs Include:

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Medical and Health,

Oakland County Children's Village provides services that attend to the physical health needs of the young people placed in our care. Registered Nurses are on duty 16 hours and are available on call for the remaining 8 hours.  All residents receive an initial health screening and routine physical health care is delivered by our team of nurses, who also respond to emergency medical needs.

Medical professionals are onsite Monday-Friday performing physical examinations, diagnostics and medical treatment as needed. Extended medical treatment and/or emergency care is provided by the consulting physicians at a nearby hospital.

On-site dental services, including dental hygiene, diagnostics and treatment are provided by a dentist, dental assistant and dental hygienist from the Oakland County Health Division.

Clinical and Counseling Services,

Oakland County Children's Village has a staff of Licensed Mental Health Professionals, who provide services that attend to the emotional needs of the young people placed in our care. Mental health services include; supportive counseling, crisis intervention/prevention, group, individual and family therapy.  A contractual psychiatrist is available weekly to provide psychiatric assessment and medication management

A comprehensive substance abuse treatment program is provided to eligible youth through Holy Cross Children's Services. 

Oakland County Children's Village also offers a six week parent education program which is open to all parents of residents. Weekly sessions cover a variety of topics about raising children in today's society.


All residents receive on campus academic services through collaboration with the Waterford School District.  Children's Village School is a K-12 school program that provides a broad range of educational services.  

All teachers are highly qualified Waterford School District employees. All courses are fully accredited through the North Central colleges and universities and are transferable to home school districts. Students receive instruction in core subjects, aligned with the Michigan Merit Curriculum. Elective courses include music, physical education, art, business, and daily living skills. Students also have access to on-line credit recovery during the school day and/or after school.  Student recognition is an important element within the learning environment. Students have the opportunity to join the Village Voyagers male basketball team as well as a female volleyball team. 

Student assistance is enhanced by the Title I reading and math programs, designed for students who are three or more years below grade level, which provides instruction that builds the student's current level of skills. Classroom teacher assistants work in classrooms to support students, as well as one-on-one tutoring.

The Special Education program is fully inclusive at Oakland County Children's Village School. Students with disabilities are included in general education classrooms, based on their abilities, with the support of identified accommodations.

Special Programming,
  • Teachers Pet
  • Love and Logic Parent Education
  • Detroit Zoo Zoological Gardening center
  • Crossroads Adventure Center
  • BBAC – Bloomfield Birmingham Are Center
  • Community Service
  • Kairos