Childrens Village Volunteer Program
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Childrens Village Volunteer Program

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What is the Childrens Village Volunteer program?,

The CV volunteer program is for adults who want to make a difference by spending time one on one, behind the scenes or in a group sponsored activity in a safe, structured environment for youth in our residential treatment program or shelter care.

What are the requirements to be a volunteer at CV?,
  • You must be over age 21 (exceptions may be made if you are volunteering as a group, i.e. Church group, Boy/Girl Scout Troop)
  • You must submit a Volunteer Application and include in what capacity you would like to volunteer
  • Complete all required paperwork, criminal history and clearance checks

How does the volunteer program work? ,
  • Once we receive your Volunteer Application we will mail you a confirmation of receipt letter which will include specific instructions on how to apply for the required clearance checks.
  • Once you have passed the clearance checks we will schedule a date/time at your convenience to discuss volunteer experience(s).

Why do volunteers have to go though so many clearance checks?,
  • First and foremost we need to protect the identity and safety of the CV residents
  • We need to be sure that people coming into the village have only the best interest of the children in mind and have not committed any felonious crimes and/or crimes against children in their past
  • We need to comply with our licensing regulations that all volunteers have passed the clearance and criminal history checks within a 90 day period of being on the CV campus.

What types of things can a CV volunteer do at CV?,

  • We welcome all ideas from volunteers who are interested in making a positive impact in the lives of our residents.
  • Group activities: cooking/craft projects (i.e. make cookies), group talks, sports clinics, show and tell, tutoring small groups
  • Behind the Scenes: Paint murals, garden, office work, donation inventory

What is the time commitment?,

We do not ask for a specific commitment of time. We welcome volunteers who want to donate their time on a regular and reoccurring basis or who are only interested in a one time commitment such as a craft project.

Is there a volunteer training class or orientation?,
  • At this time there is no class or orientation required to volunteer at CV.
  • Experienced CV staff will work with each volunteer or group leader prior to their visit to ensure they are comfortable with their role, where they are going, what they will be doing, who they will be working with and any special instructions.
Will I be alone with the residents?,

  • Volunteers will never be alone with residents
  • CV staff are required to be supervising the CV residents at all times

What is expected from a volunteer or volunteer group?,

  • All themes, activities, crafts, etc. must be non-denominational (CV has a Chaplain who coordinates all religious oriented programming and activities) 
  • All themes, activities, crafts, etc. must be “G” rated and not endorse a specific product, program or agency. 
  • You will need prior approval before you bring in any food (including homemade), snacks, beverages or other items for the residents

Can I spend time one on one mentoring a child?,

If you are interested in spending time one on one mentoring a young person please contact “Oakland County Youth Assistance, The Mentor’s Plus Program,” 248-858-0099.