Questions & Answers

Questions & Answers


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Can I bring my child in to see what it's like at Oakland County Children's Village?,

We are unable to provide tours of the facility for this purpose. If you are having difficulties with your child, you may want to contact Oakland

County Youth Assistance (248-858-0055), Juvenile Intake (248-858-0033), or review the Circuit Court Programs & Services page.

Who supervises Oakland County Children's Village residents?,

Youth Specialists are direct-care workers responsible for the safety and well-being of all residents. All Youth Specialists undergo extensive training upon hiring, as well ongoing training on an annual basis.

Is my child allowed phone calls?,

Resident's are allowed outgoing phone calls only.  Check with your child's Case Coordinator for additional information.

Is my Child allowed visiting?,

Visiting times are: Sunday 3:30-4:30pm and Wednesday 6:30-8:00pm. Visiting is for parents and legal guardians only; any exception to this policy must be cleared in advance.

Does the facility provide emotional health services?,

Oakland County Children's Village has a staff of licensed mental health professionals, who provide services that attend to the mental health and emotional needs of residents.

Are medical and health services provided?,

Oakland County Children's Village provides services that attend to the physical health needs of the young people placed in our care. Registered Nurses are on duty 16 hours a day. All residents receive an initial health screening and routine physical health care is delivered by our team of nurses, who also respond to emergency medical needs. 

Medical professionals are onsite Monday-Friday performing physical examinations, diagnostics and medical treatment as needed. Extended medical treatment and/or emergency care is provided by the consulting physicians at a nearby hospital.  

On-site dental services, including dental hygiene, diagnostics and treatment are provided by a dentist, dental assistant and dental hygienist from the Oakland County Health Division.

Are there educational services?,

All residents receive on campus academic services through collaboration with the Waterford School District.  Children's Village School is a K-12 school program that provides a broad range of educational services.  

Are recreation opportunities available?,

Oakland County Children's Village offers an outdoor athletic complex with 1/4 mile running track, softball diamond, basketball and volley ball courts, and a multi-purpose athletic field. Indoor recreation rooms and gymnasiums are also used for a variety of activities.

Are religious services available?,

Children's Village supports the religious rights of all residents.  Residents shall not be prohibited from participating in religious services in accordance with their own faith and parental direction as long as participation does not conflict with the safety and security of the building. Residents shall not be compelled to attend religious services or religious education or be disciplined for failing to attend.

Are services available for parents?,

Oakland County Children's Village offers a six week Parent Education Program that is open to all parents of residents. Weekly sessions cover a variety of topics about raising children in today's society.

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