Frequently Asked Questions
Oakland County, MichiganChildren's VillageFrequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions


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Can I bring my child in to see what it's like at Oakland County Children's Village?,

We are unable to provide tours of the facility for this purpose. If you are having difficulties with your child, you may want to contact Oakland County Youth Assistance (248-858-0055), Juvenile Intake (248-858-0033), or review the Circuit Court Programs & Services page.

Who supervises Oakland County Children's Village residents?,

The Youth Specialist is the direct-care worker responsible for the safety and well being of all residents. All Youth Specialists undergo extensive training upon hiring, as well ongoing training on an annual basis.

Is my child allowed phone calls?,

Resident's are allowed outgoing phone calls only.  Check with your child's Case Coordinator for additional information.

Is there visiting?,

Visiting times are: Sunday 3:30-4:30pm and Wednesday 6:30-8:00pm. Visiting is for parents and legal guardians only; any exception to this policy must be cleared in advance.

Does the facility provide emotional health services?,

Oakland County Children's Village has a staff of counselors, social workers, psychologists and psychiatrists, who provide services that attend to the emotional needs of residents. Emotional health services range from supportive counseling to crisis intervention/prevention counseling to group and/or individual therapy, family therapy, sexual offender and victims' treatment, and psychiatric services.

Are medical and health services provided?,

Medical services are delivered by a team of consulting physicians from a local hospital. Routine physical health needs are delivered by our team of Registered Nurses, who visit each of the residential living units a minimum of four times daily. They respond to emergency medical needs and evaluate the need for further treatment. The nurses perform initial health screenings at the point of admittance of a child to the facility.

Are there educational services?,

The Oakland County Children's Village School, located on-campus with a main building and auxiliary classrooms, is administered through the Waterford School District via contract with Oakland County. Upon admittance to the facility, all youngsters are tested to determine appropriate placement, and attend classes on the same schedule as other Waterford School District schools. The Oakland County Children's Village School is accredited by the North Central Association of Schools and Colleges.

Are recreation opportunities available?,

Organized recreational programming is essential for the emotional and physical well being of residents. Oakland County Children's Village boasts an outdoor athletic complex with 1/4 mile running track, softball diamond, basketball and volley ball courts, and multi-purpose athletic field. Indoor recreation rooms and gymnasiums are also used for a variety of activities.

Are religious services available?,

Non-denominational religious services are provided on an optional basis for each child.

Are services available for parents?,

Oakland County Children's Village offers a Parent Education Orientation Program that is open to all parents of residents. Weekly sessions cover a variety of topics about raising children in today's society. Counselors and/or clinicians are available for consultation and, if deemed necessary, family counseling.

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