Children's Village Parent Guide Shelter Care
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Children's Village Parent Guide Shelter Care

Location: Mandy's Place (Mandy's Place=boys and girls, birth to 18 years old)

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Mandy's Place
Mandy's Place is short-term housing for children ages 0-18 who have been removed from their homes by the court due to neglect, abuse and status offenses. The children are waiting to return to their family, go to foster care, be placed in Children’s Village live-in program or to another agency. Our goal is to provide care, safety and security to the best of our ability until the Court or DHS has made a decision.

• Case Manager: Work with the Case Manager assigned to you and your family
• Paperwork: Fill out paperwork for consent for any treatment and/or medication.
• Court/Hearings: Be on time for all court hearings and appointments
• Visitation: Visit your child regularly
• Support: Ask about parent education classes to help you to help your child
• Cost: Call the Family Court “Reimbursement Division” at 248-858-0500 if you have questions about the cost.

How long will my child be in Mandy's Place?

Only the placing agency, Department of Human Services (DHS) or Family Court can release your child. The length of stay is determined by the court process and only the court can release your child. Children’s Village cannot decide to release children to their parents.

Services Provided
• Counseling services
• Medical and dental services
• Structured daily living
• Healthy meals and snacks
• Non-denominational religious services
• Public school services provided on campus

Rules to Visit
Wednesdays 6:30 to 8:00 pm & Sundays 3:30 to 4:30 pm

• Only approved people can visit such as parents, stepparents and legal guardians
• Visitors must be over 21 yrs. old
• You must show a picture ID (driver’s license, State ID or passport). Contact the Case Manager before you come to visit if you do not have ID
• Babies and/or children are NOT allowed
• Mail is closely monitored and for security reasons; letters and packages cannot be hand delivered.
• Address mail to: Resident’s Name,
“__” Building, Oakland County Children’s Village
1200 N. Telegraph, Dept. 444
Pontiac, MI 48348

How you can help as a parent
You can support your child by helping him/her with the following:

• No cell phones, purses or briefcases
• Beverages must be unopened and in a sealed container
• No weapons of any kind
• No smoking
• Hats and coats are not allowed in the visitation area.
• If you are suspected of being under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol you will be asked to leave
• Do not talk to the other residents while visiting your child

What can I bring my child?

• Only prescription medicine and approved over the counter medicine
• Prescription eyeglasses and/or contacts
• Tampons. A parent consent form must be signed
• One soft cover religious book
• Infants and toddlers: special formula, blanket and/or stuffed animal
• Clothing:
   - Your child may have 5 outfits for school, shoes, nightwear and a coat
   - We will provide clothing if needed
   - No jewelry (including ‘piercings’), watches or make-up in glass containers

Visitors Dress Code:

• NO bare belly or back
• NO tube tops, bathing suits, see-through clothes or low cut tops
• NO too short skirts/shorts
• NO skirts/pants exposing your behind
• NO foul language, gang related, sexually explicit, drug or alcohol related writing or pictures on clothes
You must follow the rules when visiting your child



Can I call my child?

• You can not call your child directly
• Youth are allowed to make outgoing phone calls with Case Manager approval
• The Case Manager will monitor the approved phone list for each youth

Can I write my child?

• Youth can send & receive mail
• Youth cannot receive anything in the mail other than letters and approved photos