About Oakland County Children's Village
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About Oakland County Children's Village

A county operated youth home was established in 1929 to provide a detention facility for troubled youth and juvenile offenders. In 1952, the concept of a shelter care cottage to house abused and neglected children was developed. A centrally located campus providing medical, educational, and food services was completed in 1975 and is known today as Oakland County Children’s Village. Children’s Village, a division of Oakland County's Department of Health and Human Services Department, provides a unique approach to treatment of youth that fall under the authority of Oakland County Circuit Court Family Court or with the State of Michigan Department of Human Services.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide the best possible services within existing resources to children and youth who come under the jurisdiction of the court and are deemed to be temporarily in need of out-of-home care, custody and treatment, delivered in a caring, safe and therapeutic setting, which also serves to protect the public.


We believe in the abilities and rights of individuals to bring positive changes in their lifestyles and value systems that would result in a more successful adaptation to community living. We believe that by providing a series of treatment services, utilizing the least restrictive setting necessary, these changes will be facilitated and reinforced. We believe that the focus of treatment is with the client and the client's family, and services are aimed at achieving the earliest and most reasonable return of the youth to the community, while keeping in mind the safety and welfare of the community.