Surplus Property

The Oakland County Treasurer's Office is committed to supporting, strengthening and revitalizing neighborhoods and communities throughout our county. When residential and commercial properties are vacant, they represent a unique opportunity to create positive economic impact, infuse new energy and help our residents, business owners and communities thrive.

We welcome community-minded individuals and organizations to work with us in this endeavor by developing the available surplus properties to meet each community's unique needs. That's why we utilize a rigorous application process to ensure surplus properties are purchased by responsible owners and redeveloped for productive use consistent with community plans. Surplus properties can be viewed and applied for on the interactive map after you read and agree to the terms below.

Types of Applications

There are several types of surplus property available for purchase, including:


A sidelot allows homeowners who are living next to a vacant residential lot owned by the Oakland County Treasurer to purchase the property for a nominal fee.

Single Vacant Lots

A single vacant lot may be used to: 1) allow existing property owners to expand their footprint with property adjacent to rental or commercial property; 2) allow people located in close proximity to these properties to own and care for property, create community gardens or greenspace by providing a plan with proof of water access; and, 3) create a new development on buildable lots.

Adjoining or Closely Located Vacant Lots

Adjoining or closely located vacant lots allow new developments that contribute to healthy neighborhoods through new housing development consistent with municipal goals.

Applicants must provide the following: municipal approval, development proforma, completed projects, development team description and contact information, funding documentation, and other documentation you deem important during the application review process.


A structure provides a renovation opportunity to help stabilize and revitalize a neighborhood or community. Applicants must provide the following:

  • Municipal inspection, if required
  • Development proforma, completed projects, development team description and contact information, funding documentation, and other documentation you deem important during the application review process.

Key Terms and Best Practices

As you explore making a surplus property purchase, please consider the following key terms and best practices.

  • All property is sold "As Is," and sales are final.
  • You cannot apply for a property if you have lost it to foreclosure.
  • Staff and immediate relatives of the Oakland County Treasurer's staff are prohibited from purchasing property from the surplus property portfolio.
  • Quiet Title Action may be required if you plan to sell the property in the future.
  • If there are multiple bids at the same time, a request for the highest and best offer will be requested on fully completed applications.
  • Applications can be auto-filled directly from the map and must be fully complete for review.
  • All applications must have a plan that can be completed within six months and must comply with city zoning and master plan documents.
  • Multiple vacant lot applications must have a new housing development plan and have municipal support.
  • Applications for structures must provide documentation including but not limited to experience, team, proforma and funding capability.
  • There are no prices listed. Each applicant should research the value of property and bid based on area comparables.
  • Due diligence! Call municipality to see if there are issues with the property. Are there any assessments due? Is it buildable? Is your use permitted?
  • Review the Surplus Property map or enter the address (or parcel identification number) for a specific property.
  • There may be a Development and/or Purchase Agreement required for projects.

For more information or assistance, call (248) 858-0611 or send an email to

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Surplus Property Search

​If properties do not sell during annual land sales, they are offered as Surplus Property by the Oakland County Treasurer's Office. Below, you will find the process and terms to be considered for purchasing surplus properties. After agreeing to the terms and conditions, you will find the current available properties on the next page on an interactive map.

Surplus Property is available for purchase from the Oakland County Treasurer's Office. Most of the properties are unimproved (vacant) lots. Some are improved with residential structures that will need significant repairs before a certificate of occupancy will be issued by the city, township or village.​ Some cities require a cash bond and/or rehabilitation agreement on properties.

After reviewing the available properties on the interactive map, please contact the city, township or village to conduct due diligence for current tax and special assessment information you may have to pay as the new owner. Be sure to ask if the property is condemned or scheduled for demolition.                                         

The available properties are outlined on the interactive map. Click on a property to find details about that property as well as a link to apply to purchase it. Each property requires a minimum offer, as well as multiple documents including proof of your identity, a current photo of the property, proof of paid taxes on property you currently own, a redevelopment plan and proof of sufficient funds to implement your redevelopment plan, as explained in the Property Conveyance Application. All sales are final.                                         

We will not accept offers from anyone with a previous interest or ownership in the property. You also may not make an offer on property on behalf of someone who had a previous interest or ownership in the property. Staff and immediate relatives of the Oakland County Treasurer’s staff are prohibited from purchasing property from the tax foreclosure auctions and the surplus property portfolio. The Oakland County Treasurer's Office will communicate with cities to ensure that applicant does not have a history of code enforcement violations. Finally, each applicant must declare there are no delinquent taxes on any property they own in Oakland County and that they have not had a tax foreclosure in the past 3 years.

The successful applicant accepts the property in its present "as is" condition and releases the Oakland County Treasurer's Office, its officers, employees and agents from all liability arising from any condition of the premises, whether now known or subsequently discovered, including, but not limited to all claims based on environmental contamination of the premises.  Please note- Quiet Title Action may be required if you plan to sell the property.

If there are multiple bids, a request for highest and best offers will be requested on all complete and eligible applications.

Payment must be made in cash or certified funds and will not be accepted until the application has been approved by our office.

If you have questions, please email                                         

By clicking the button below you are agreeing to the terms and conditions outlined above.                                         

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