Oakland County, Michigan/Treasurer's Office/Property Taxes/September Notice of Tax Delinquency

September Notice of Tax Delinquency

The Oakland County Treasurer’s Office has mailed the September Notice of Tax Delinquency to taxpayers.

Per the state law, your local government turned over unpaid property taxes from the 2020 tax year to our office for collection. You have the right to redeem your property by paying the amount of delinquent taxes, interest and fees owing until close of business on March 31, 2023.

If you are unable to pay your delinquent taxes in full, partial payments are accepted and a monthly payment schedule may be available. If you are experiencing financial hardship, employment or business loss, health concerns or other challenges and are unable to pay your delinquent property taxes, we’re here to help!

We encourage you to pay your taxes or contact our office to discuss a monthly payment plan. Our housing and financial counselors also are available to provide free, one-on-one and confidential assistance to you. Please contact our office (248) 858-0611.

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Don’t have a legal interest in this property?

If you don’t have a legal interest in this property, please send us a signed letter with the parcel number stating that you do not hold an interest in the property. We will remove you from our mailings.