Meisner Appointed to Michigan Land Bank Board
Oakland County, MichiganTreasurer's OfficeMeisner Appointed to Michigan Land Bank Board

Meisner Appointed to Michigan Land Bank Board

Move Will Help Oakland County Start Land Bank

Public Date: September 21, 2009
Contact: Andy Meisner
Phone Number: 248-858-0624

Pontiac, Michigan � Oakland County Treasurer and former state Representative Andy Meisner has been appointed by Governor Jennifer M. Granholm to serve on the Board of Directors of the Michigan State Land Bank Fast Track Authority, completing the unexpired term of Genesee County Treasurer Dan Kildee.

"Serving on the Board of the Michigan Land Bank will help me keep pace with land bank best practices throughout our state and country," said Meisner.  "I�m excited to bring these valuable lessons home to Oakland County for when we�re ready to deploy this powerful tool for fighting foreclosures and property value declines."

The Michigan Land Bank Fast Track Authority was created by Public Act 258 of 2003 with the mission of returning blighted and foreclosed properties back to productive and economically viable use.  Meisner voted for the land bank statute while serving in the state House, and has proposed the creation of an Oakland County land bank to help the county bolster its property values and sagging tax revenues.

"We must do everything within our power as a county and a state to protect our property values and fight the devastating effects of foreclosures," said Meisner.  "Land Banks are working well around Michigan and will work for Oakland County as long as we use a model that fits our particular needs."

The Michigan Land Bank sells tax reverted and mortgage foreclosed properties, as well as operating an adjacent lot transfer program for connecting neighbors with foreclosed or irregular parcels, and a Garden for Growth initiative to promote entrepreneurship and urban agriculture.  In addition, counties wishing to create a land bank must make an application to the Michigan Land Bank for its review and approval.

Meisner's term on the Board of Directors expires on May 31, 2012.