Financial Literacy Art Contest
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Financial Literacy Art Contest

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Oakland County Treasurer Andy Meisner is pleased to announce the fifth annual Treasurer Meisner Financial Literacy Multimedia Art Contest for Oakland County high school students. Winners earn college scholarships or prize money and the opportunity to have their work displayed in the Treasurer's Office.

"Now more than ever, our students must be equipped with the financial literacy skills they'​ll need to control their finances, instead of their finances controlling them," Meisner said. "My hope is that students can use their favorite art form to think in new ways about money and finances, and that we can increase awareness of this critical area."

Participating students are being provided with real "benchmarks" from Michigan's curriculum in the financial literacy area, including that students demonstrate the ability to: (1) take responsibility for personal financial decisions; (2) make financial decisions by systematically considering alternatives and consequences; (3) develop a plan for spending and saving; and (4) develop a personal financial plan.

"I want Oakland County citizens to know that their Treasurer is taking a stand to promote financial literacy, something that is in all of our interests, especially when we're talking about paying taxes on time," Meisner added. "I hope all of our students will graduate with confidence about how to handle their finances."

"The Financial Literacy Art Contest was a unique opportunity for students to combine their artistic ability with money management," said Jackie Buchanan, Genisys President and Chief Executive Officer. "Encouraging young kids to become more involved and take a hands-on approach with their money is a great investment in their future."

"As a financial institution headquartered in Oakland County, we see the importance of financial literacy firsthand every day in our business," said Sandro DiNello, President and CEO of Flagstar Bank. "The more our customers understand financial concepts like the compounding of interest, annual percentage yields, and balloon payments, the more successful they will be as consumers. And that'​s a win for everyone."

The following is a list of information and application materials for the Oakland County Treasurer Andy Meisner Annual Financial Literacy Multimedia Art Contest for 2015. 

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The contest is made possible through the support and collaboration of Oakland Schools, the Community Foundation for Southeast Michigan, Genisys Credit Union and Flagstar Bank.