General Accounting Division
Oakland County, MichiganTreasurer's OfficeGeneral Accounting Division

General Accounting Division

The objective of the General Accounting Division of the Oakland County Treasurer's Office is to account for and assure the timely deposit of all money that comes into the hands of the County Treasurer and to continue to implement state of the art technology for the receipting and disbursing of these funds.

The division is responsible for two specific functions:

(1) First is the collection and accounting for all funds that come to the County.  In a sense, this area functions as the County's bank. Once funds are deposited at the "County's Bank", ledger postings are made to the appropriate funds. This group, in conjunction with our investment officer and various departments, determines the daily cash needs of the County.

(2) Second is the special accounting/disbursing function, providing accounting services such as tracking and resolving bad checks received by the County, creating and distributing all checks and direct deposits issued by the County, transmitting "positive pay" files to financial institutions that make check fraud nearly impossible and more.